Knights News · Nordonia Athletics Coronavirus Plan – Updated 3/18/20 @ 11:00 AM

Nordonia students, coaches, parents and community, I just received the attached slide from University Hospitals, the official health care provider on Nordonia Athletics.  Click on the slide below to identify the difference between the Coronavirus, the Flu, a Cold or Seasonal Allergies.  Please take a look!

UH COVID19 Infographic

Should you have any questions, I will be available to provide my best answers, advice and assistance.  I plan to keep updating the website as information becomes available.  I will continue to date and time stamp each of the posts so that everyone can keep up with the most current information.  In the meantime, please take care of yourself and your families!  Go Knights!


Rob Eckenrode, CAA

Certified Athletic Administrator

Nordonia Hills City Schools

(330) 908-6001 – office