Mulch Madness

Get your beds ready for the spring
Get your beds ready for the spring

2021 Mulch Madness Season—About the Program:

Over 1000 student-athletes at the Middle School and High School levels benefit from this program.  Supporters order mulch from our partner, Three-Z of Valley View.  Three-Z delivers the mulch of your choice.  The student-athletes, under adult supervision, will come and spread the mulch for you.  Installation service is available in the Nordonia Community only.   If you prefer to spread the mulch yourself, or live outside the Nordonia area, you may still support the boosters and athletes by ordering through this program.


Call Three-Z at 216-524-4544 with any questions and to place y our order.  Thank you.


Pricing: (price includes spreading, and minimum order of 5 yds.) *

Triple Shredded Bark                                                             $48.75 / cu. yd

     Triple Shredded 100% pure bark aged too a natural dark brown color 

Triple Shredded Organic Black Bark                                $55.75 / cu. yd

     same as above but has been color-enhanced to a dark black color.

Sweet Peat                                                                                       $60.75 / cu. yd

    100% organic product made from composted ingredients

     harvested from local farming operation and used as a superior soil conditioner

 Colored Mulch (Black/Brown/Red)                                  $48.75 / cu. yd.  Black/Brown

     Recycled hardwoods that have been color-enhanced.        $49.75/ cu.yd.  Red

     and decompose slower than bark mulches

Custom Z                                                                                         $44.75 / cu. yd

     A blend of shredded bark and organic material


* Minimum order of 5 yards.  Price per cubic yard includes spreading.  Deduct $15/yard if you do NOT want the athletes to spread your mulch.  Delivery is available outside of the Nordonia Hills Community, but spreading is not.   Call Three-Z to arrange.