Nordonia Boosters- General Information

The Nordonia Athletic Boosters has one mission:

 To help to improve the experiences of our student athletes.

Through fundraising, volunteerism, and other activities, we serve to improve our facilities and to make our athletes and coaches more prepared for their competitions on and off the field.

Booster Club Meetings are held at 7:00 on the 2nd Monday of each month at Nordonia High School during the school year. Meetings during Summer Break will be posted on both Twitter and emailed to booster members.

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Click here for the Nordonia Athletic Booster By-Laws

Boosters Planning Calendar

Click below for the meeting minutes and financial information:

March Meeting Minutes 2021

March Meeting Balance Sheet (Feb. 2021)

February Meeting Minutes 2021

February Meeting Balance Sheet (Jan. 2021)

January Meeting Minutes–2021

January Financials Balance Sheet (Dec. 2020)

December Meeting Minutes 2020

December Financials (Nov.2020)

November Meeting Minutes 2020

November Meeting Financials (October 2020)

October Meeting Minutes 2020

October Meeting Financials (Sept. 2020)

September Meeting Minutes 2020

September Meeting Financials (August 2020)

August Meeting Minutes 2020

August Meeting Financials (July 2020)

Prior Fiscal Year Minutes/YTD Financial Packages

July Meeting Minutes 2020

July Meeting Financials  (June 2020)

June Meeting Minutes 2020

June Meeting Financials (May 2020)

May Meeting Minutes 2020

May Meeting Financials (April 2020)

April Meeting Minutes 2020

April Meeting Financials (March 2020)

March Meeting Minutes 2020

March Meeting Financials (Feb. 2020)

February Meeting Minutes 2020

February Meeting Financials (January 2020)

January Meeting Minutes 2020

January Meeting Financials (December 2019)

December Meeting Minutes

December Meeting Financials (November 2019)

November Meeting Minutes

November Meeting Financials (October 2019)

October Meeting Minutes

October Meeting Financials (September 2019)

September Meeting Minutes

September Meeting Financials (August 2019)

August Meeting Minutes

July Meeting Minutes


The 2020-21 Booster Club Officers are:


Brian Riedel

Vice President

Rachel Czuba

Co-Treasurer – Payments/Taxes

Doug Hayes, interim


Kathy Kraus


Beth Hayes


** To contact the Boosters officers listed above, please email us at:


The Booster Club Committee Chairs are:


Danielle Riedel


Jennifer Schneider



Lynnette Adkins

Football Parents

Lynn Vinson